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IframeIf you don’t know how to use Iframes or don’t know what they are, you should definitely read on.

An Iframe is a ridiculously simple way to attach a form, a webpage, or piece of html code onto your own website. Sometimes sites will give you the Iframe code to copy and use on your site so you are probably familiar with that but how did they create that Iframe code? It is easier than you might think.

Copy the URL for the html or webpage you are trying to display and add that to the “URL” placeholder in the line of code below along with a width and height:

<iframe src="URL" width="600" height="250">

Here is an example of using an Iframe to have Ebay’s home page directly on your site:

This is the code that was used to create the Iframe above:

<iframe src=”” height=”250″ width=”100%”>

Note: I used 100% as the width to have the frame automatically fill the space I was putting the frame in.

If you are embedding a form from another site which collects payment information, for security, you must make that page secure using ” https” on that page in addition to other check out pages you might have.


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  • Richard

    I cannot get this to work (using Serif Webplus x7) and I am told that this is because the eBay server is secure and therefore the eBay site will never display in an frame.

    Any suggestions ?

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