Use IFTTT to Automate Pesky Time Consuming Tasks
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Using IFTTTto Automate TasksI have written about how to use IFTTT  (If Then Then That) to automate pesky time consuming tasks before, but it is time to roll it out again in case you missed the magnitude of this little program’s brilliance and the myriad of ways it can help you streamline some of the work you do.  IFTTT is a robust service that lets you create simple actions in the form of “if this then that”.

You can set it up and identify a first action called the trigger and then you specify what reaction should occur as a result of the trigger. The triggers and reactions are limited to online social media type apps. Too bad we can’t set up if my kid calls sick from school then they are magically transported home. But this is the next best thing.

There are over 62 “channels”- basically apps that you can create actions in that can be set to trigger reactions in another of the 62 channels. There are thousands of premade “recipes” or you can create your own. Very cool.

Some examples are:

  • Note to Self: Call the IFTTT number and leave a message-it will be transcribed and sent to your gmail.
  • Send Facebook Page Status Updates to Twitter.
  • Auto upload to Flickr via Dropbox.
  • Craigslist Search sends email whenever a new listing appears from a search you have done.
  • Save photos from Instagram to Dropbox.
  • Send Instagram Photos to a Facebook Album.
  • When posting to WordPress send a status update to LinkedIn.
  • Any RSS feed items to create WordPress Post.
  • When a new WordPress post is published add to Buffer App.
What do you think? Are there some tasks that you need automated?
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  • Debra Jason

    Sounds interesting Judy. Not sure I get it totally & may be a bit too "techy" for me. However, I certainly like your example of calling the IFTTT number, leaving a message and having it be transcribed and sent to Gmail. Now, that sounds cool.
    Thanks. ~Debra
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