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User Insight is a company that does research on User Experience. They had a WordPress website that they liked but when they hired a young woman whose duties included updating the site, she called New Tricks in a panic. It turns out she could not update the site even though she knew how to update WordPress sites. I took a look under the hood and gave her the good and the bad news. The good news, “It is not you”. The bad news is, “the site is all hard-coded which will make user modifications nearly impossible.”

The other problem was the slider on the front page had been made using Flash, which does not show up on iPhones. But, the good news is, WordPress is built on a database so we could change out the theme structure to look the same with all of the content remaining intact. We also changed out the Flash for a jquery slider that would show up on mobile devices. Now their site includes all of the WordPress goodness that will make it easy for them to modify. Check out the site.

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