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Email to WordPressUsing email to post to WordPress could not be easier. This method will be a great tool to use while traveling, when you don’t have access to a computer or to WiFi , or if you have a client who feels intimidated about going into the WordPress Dashboard to post.

With the Post by Email method, you can just email your blog post in. That’s right, you just write an email to a certain custom email address and the subject becomes the Title and the message becomes the body of the post. You can attach images which will go into your post as single images or galleries, if there are multiples. When you are finished, you can assign the post to a category and indicate whether should be saved as a Draft. You push send and Voila, it is done.  Pretty cool huh?

How to Get It

Post by Email is one of the plugins included in JetPack plugin collection by Automattic. Check your Plugins directory and see if you have it installed. The JetPack plugin collection comes installed (but not yet connected) with some WordPress installations. If it is not there you can select Add New, from your plugins dashboard and search for it to download from the WordPress repository.


Configuring Post by Email

Once you have JetPack loaded and activated into your plugins folder:

  1. Select it from your Dashboard.
  2. Connect it to your WordPress.com account. To do this you must have or get an account with WordPress.com. If you have ever had a WordPress.com blog or use Akismet as your spam prevention program, you already have a WordPress.com user name and password. If you can’t remember your password, put in your email address and select Lost My Password to  get another so you can login.
  3. Once logged in, you  have access to the Post by Email plugin and can select Learn More to learn how to use and Configure the plugin. (Note: you also have access to a whole group of  plugins.  Some of my favs in this group are WP-Stats for easy looks at your website statistics right from your WordPress Dashboard and Sharing which lets you select the sharing icons for your readers to use to share your blog posts.)

learn more

Using Email to Post to WordPress Blog

You can read through the long instructions but let me give you the Cliff Notes version. After you  connect to WordPress.com and activate the Post by Email plugin:

Get your secret email address:

  1. Go to Users —->Your Profile in the Dashboard.
  2. Scroll down until you find the Post by Email Section and push the button to Enable it. This will give you a separate email address to use when you’d like to send a post to your site through this method.
  3. Save your secret WordPress posting email address in your address book so it will be handy when you are using email to post to WordPress Blog.

Write a Post Using Your Email Editor:

  1. Go to Gmail or Outlook or wherever you typically write your emails.
  2. Put your secret WordPress email address into the send to field.
  3. The subject line will be the Title of your Post. (if you are using a phone and don’t have access to the subject line, put it in the body of the email like this using the special parentheses:
    [title: This is the Title of My Post].
  4. Write your post. You can use your normal formatting. If you use an email signature and it has two dashes above the signature — you don’t erase the signature because it will not be added to the post.
  5. You can add images the regular way by attaching them to the post. Either single images or multiple ones. Make sure they are the right size before you attach them since they will go in at whatever size they are.
  6. To save the post as a Draft. Otherwise when you push send it will go ahead and publish the post to your WordPress site. At the bottom of your post content type:
    [status draft].
  7. To add it to a category, at the bottom of your post content type:
    [category Name of Category].

That’s it! Now we have one less excuse not to be able to post more frequently.

Let me know how you like it.

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  • Morieka

    Thanks so much for yet another great tip. I will give it a try tonight.

    • judi knight

      I was thrilled to find out about this truly painless way to post. Let me know how it goes.

  • Rishabh

    I use wordpress jetpack on my blog and i want that contributors of my website post via e-mail and their post is saved as draft for editorial review.How can I implement this.
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  • Stefan Gisler

    Hi, I’ve installed and configured everything like you’ve described but after many tests sending e-mails to the secret emailaddress nothing is happening.
    Any Ideas what could be the problem?

    • Judi Knight

      Just found out that the native ability to post by email was deprecated so you have to do it using Plugins. Try one of these.

      Post By Email Plugin
      Post by Mail in Jetpack
      Postie Plugin

  • Laura Watson

    Awesome tool! Thanks judi for sharing this……..

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