Utilize StumbleUpon for More Traffic to your site.
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Utilize StumbleUpon for More TrafficStumbleUpon is a website discovery engine that is designed to gear pertinent, quality content to it’s users based on their self-assigned interests.

A user can sign up and choose what kind of content they’re trying to “stumble” upon as well as submit links they’ve found on their own accord.

If you are a website owner who creates good quality, unique content, you can create a StumbleUpon account, submit links from your own website, and categorize them into one of StumbleUpon’s interests. The submitted link will be reviewed by StumbleUpon’s machines and/or employees to verify the quality.

If your content is of interest, StumbleUpon will start driving users, who are “stumbling” the interest you selected, directly to your content. When users are stumbling content they can “like” or “dislike” content. The more “likes” your content gets, the more chance it has of StumbleUpon showing it to more users. If your content is a big hit on StumbleUpon it can go viral really quickly and draw a lot of traffic to your website.

Before you submit to StumbleUpon, make sure you have Google Analytics installed on your site so you can track every bit of the traffic. If you analyze your traffic each time you submit a link to StumbleUpon,  you can tell which of the links/content you submit are most successful and get a better idea of what works and what doesn’t. You may notice when analyzing your traffic after submitting a link that you immediately get about 8 people  from New York visiting your site–don’t get too excited, these are just the StumbleUpon employees/computers searching your site.


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    Thanks so much for the info. I was wondering what that spike of NY traffic was.
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