Was Twitter Hijacked - Have you gotten any tweets like this?
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Twitter Hi-Jacked Was Twitter Hijacked? No, but people have been getting fooled by an email from a source pretending to be twitter. Have you gotten any tweets like this?

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The most common way a Twitter account gets hijacked is by the account owner accidentally logging into a fake Twitter page. When you login to one of these fake pages that look exactly like a real Twitter Login page and type your password in, the hijackers snag it.

You may get to one of these fake pages by following a link from somewhere. So how can you tell whether a login page is a real Twitter login page? Check the page URL. It may be similar, but it won’t be twitter.com. Once you follow the link, check the URL and don’t enter your password.

If you get any requests to login and change your password that come directly from Twitter, Comcast, Paypal or such, don’t login from the link. Get out of the email and login to the site directly. Then you can be sure you are not going to give the key to your account to some hacker.

If you have somehow fallen for this on Twitter, the next thing you know, your friends will be emailing you to tell you that your account is sending out horrible spam Direct Messages.
If your Twitter account has been hacked, type in the http://twitter.com login to your Twitter account from there and change your password. Done.

This past week, Twitter became aware of  a large number of accounts that had been hijacked and they went ahead and changed the passwords for people and then asked them in an email to go online and reset their passwords. This confused people who did not know whether this was actually from Twitter. But you will be safe by checking the URL before you enter your password.

The problem is when we are on autopilot and multi-tasking and not paying close attention, then we don’t stop to think about what we are really doing.

Has this happened to you?

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