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Automated Version Now Available!
The Website Cost Estimator™ is a REAL GAMECHANGER!

Get this time saving, confidence building,
profit-boosting tool for only $47.

We love using the new AUTOMATED VERSION of  The Website Cost Estimator™ with our clients and know you will too!

The good news is, If you already use Gravity Forms, you can simply upload the file to your website and use the automated questionnaire with your clients.

Don’t use Gravity Forms? NO PROBLEM . . . We’ve got your back!

You’ll get immediate access to use our white label, automated  Website Cost Estimator™ with your clients, as often as you like and have the results sent to your email.

It’s on an unbranded web page, just as if you had installed it on your own site  . . . just log on, walk your client through the automated questionnaire and in 10 minutes,  you can send yourself the report!

It’s super easy, very professional and practically does all of the selling for you. . . and for just $47 it’s an absolute no-brainer MUST HAVE business growth tool.

Watch a Demo Using the Automated Version of The Website Cost Estimator™ with a Client!

What’s Included in the 5-Step Guide to Pricing Websites Like a Pro with The Automated Website Cost Estimator™?

  • 5-Step Guide to Pricing Websites Like a Pro
  • The Website Cost Estimator™ – PDF and Editable Word Doc Versions
  • The Website Cost Estimator™ – Automated Gravity Forms Website Version
  • Access to use the Automated Version of Website Cost Estimator™  with your clients on a dedicated web page and send yourself the results.
  • Editing Instructions for both the PDF and Gravity Forms version of The Website Cost Estimator™

Eliminate Guesswork. . .  Increase Your Confidence . . .And Boost Profits

This handy piece of software removes all of the guesswork, because you simply go through the questions on The Website Cost Estimator™ with your prospective client to nail down exactly what they’ll need for their website build . . .

….And it automatically subtotals the project cost after each item.

That’s because it’s been created with Gravity Forms, using conditional logic, which can be edited to reflect the services you provide, at your price points.

Best of all it educated your prospect as to how their website price is deteremined.

By the end of the consultation, you’ll have everything you need to create their proposal – including buy-in on the price., which is HUGE!

It’s as close to frictionless selling as I’ve ever experienced, in fact sending the proposal is usually more of a formality!

And don’t worry, because I’m including easy to follow instructions on how to use Gravity Forms conditional logic to edit the form. Or, you can contract with us to tweak it, if needed.

Get your hands on this important business growth tool.

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