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Does this sound like you?

You've built a site or two or three and love it but you're frustrated that your ideas outstrip your ability to create your designs.”

Your projects spiral out of control when your  client starts asking for things that aren't in scope or you don’t know how to do.”

You've been going to WordPress Meetups and attending WordCamps but you still are lacking the knowledge and confidence you know you need to get to have a successful career."

You've priced a client's website project and quickly got to a point where you realized that you sold yourself out, since you didn’t know what you didn’t know.”

You've worked hard on a project but the client is still not happy. You both are frustrated and, you don't what to do or how to turn it around.”

You don’t have colleagues you feel comfortable checking-in with or bouncing things off or clling for help when you get stuck"

You're a graphic designer, or a writer who's added web design to your bag of tricks but realize you're making three dollars an hour on the website projects you've taken on.”

You thought WordPress was easy but found that its not so easy to work with a client to design an effective, professional website on time and on budget.”

I can assure you that it's not your fault that you feel stuck. Becoming a confident, competent WordPress Pro isn't easy. I know this because I was once right where you are. I now know that this stuck place is a predictable phase of learning any complex skill.

If you wanted to become a violinist or a tennic pro, you wouldn't think you should be able to teach yourself. At some point, you'd find a teacher to work with who offers a proven curriculum and training method to help you attain your goals. Why should it be any different with Web Design.

The problem is that there hasn't been a systematic path to becomming a WordPress pro, with a curriculum that provides a strong foundation across the competency area you need to master along with mentoring as you practice your skills.  But there is now. The WP Web Designer Mastery Course was designed to fill this need.

From Naiveté to Euphoria

Understanding the Web Designer Learning Curve

Now there is a path to pro! 

Build a strong foundation and get the results you want.

An intensive, online course with coaching provides the foundation you need to be able to design professional quality WordPress websites and build
a successful career you love.

A Systematic Course Designed to Cover

The Seven Core Competency Areas for

WordPress Web Design Mastery

Business and Client Management

Usability & User Experience

Website Design

Online Marketing

Messaging & Content

WordPress Customization

Technical Expertise

Teaching & Mentoring

Seven Core Competency Areas Plus:

How is the program structured?

Mastery Course Requirements

1. Redesign your own effective website using the tools and techniques you will learn in the course.

2. Submit and deliver a

professional presentation at a WordCamp.

It's a three month online course with mentoring. During the course, you'll apply the tools and techniques you're learning to building an effective professional website for your own business while working on client sites as well.

It’s thorough. The course includes 10 modules each with 8-10 applicable lessons. Each lesson includes a video, transcript, assignment, and quiz.

It’s practical. You’ll learn tried and true, real world practices gleaned from my years designing WordPress websites for hundreds of small business clients. We've designed the course knowing that participants will have varied levels of skills across the seven core competency areas.    

It's intereactive. We'll get together for weekly group coaching sessions with Zoom, during the course. This is your opportunity to ask  questions and get clarity and feedback on your work as you progress. We'll be recording the sessions and posting them to review later. 

It's personal. Over the course, you can schedule three 30-minute individual sessions after meeting course milestones.

It's flexible. You can complete the course at your own pace. We recommend that you do the modules and lessons in the order we have designated since the later modules build on the work you've done befoe. Cover the content thoroughly, complete the homework and practice what you learn.

It’s a community. There will be a private Slack channel to connect with others. This will offer an opportunity where you can share your work with each other and get feedback. The power of a group program is that you’re connecting with other people who are on the same path.

WordPress Web Design Course Logo

Get Started On Your Journey to Become a Competent, Successful WordPress Designer.

Are you ready to reach your goals and create the professional quality WordPress sites on time and on budget, and have the successful business you’ve dreamed of? I invite you to join me in this exciting group program that will be starting in mid- September 2016.

Gain a Foundation of Proficiency in the Seven Core Competency Areas Below

Core Competency: Client & Business Management

The more knowledgeable you are about how to create effective websites and the more confidence you have in your ability to do the work, the easier it'll be to attract the clients that you want to work with. What if you had a process for defining the scope of a project and accurately pricing a client's website in a way that created trust and so they were eager to sign a proposal and get to work?

Includes Best Practices On:

  • Marketing
  • Discovery
  • Proposal Development
  • Contracts
  • Project Management Skills
  • Management of Client Expectations
  • Business Management



User Experience and Usability

Pro website designers keep up with the latest research on how people use websites, what they like, what they don’t, and what works. Armed with this data you'll demonstrate your expertise, persuade your clients to give up ideas that aren't in their best interest and use this information to develop effective client websites that get results.

Includes Best Practices On:

  • Readability
  • Navigation
  • Scrolling
  • Parallax
  • Choosing Images
  • Sidebars & Footers
  • Opt-ins
  • User Testing


Design Skills

Web Design skills can be all over the board.  If you're weak in this area you can learn some workarounds to create a well-designed site. Just because you are strong in print design doesn't mean you are confident in web design. You can learn what goes into great web design and build your chops from wherever you begin


  • Web Specific Design
  • Branding
  • Creation of Logos and Graphics
  • Color sense
  • Use of typography
  • Use of white space
  • Design of buttons and opt-ins for conversion
  • Long form sales pages
  • Image selection


Online Marketing Concepts

Build it and they will come is not a workable website strategy - even if you've created a site that will attract and appeal to your clients' target visitor.  You'll need to include effective calls to action and email sign up forms to help them grow and nurture a mailing list.  You'll need  to help them understand the importance of content marketing, adding fresh compelling content to their site on an ongoing basis to connect with and nuture their leads and to be able to optimize their keywords.


  • Knowledge of online marketingHow to grow a loyal email list 
  • How to create effective lead-gen opt-in forms
  • Writing email newsletters that connect and convert
  • The importance of adding fresh content to a site
  • How to optimize pages and posts
  • Setting up and configuring Google Analytics


Messaging and Content

Words are the backbone of an effective website. If you're not a writer yourself, that’s ok, but you must know enough about excellent content to be able to hire and supervise a writer to produce the necessary content.


  • Craft a brand story that resonates with the client's ideal customer.
  • Audit, cull, add or reorganize content and navigation.
  • Best practices of information architecture.
  • Effective techniques to categorize and display page and post content. 
  • Content marketing.
  • How to develop Know, Like and Trust on the site with words.
  • The importance blogging


WordPress Skills

Even if you have the skills to design a WordPress site from scratch,   working with small to medium-sized companies, it is more efficient to customize a theme framework. This allows you to spend the time to design a site and craft the content for optimal connection and conversion. 


  • Best themes to use and why
  • How to build an effective website whatever your level of expertise
  • Tools to use to customize themes while on your Path to Pro  
  • Styling plugins and page builders 
  • 40 plugins we know and love 
  • Plugins for specialized functionality
  • Understanding and caring for WordPress sites.
  • Know your way around WordPress theme files
  • Security and Performance Issues
  • Ten most common technical issues and how to resolve them


Technical Skills

A foundation in the technical aspects of a web design is essential so that you'll know you are building websites that are solid and safe. You might as well embrace the fact that your clients are going to call you with their technical issues. Prepare yourself by learning to take care of the most common problems, and have a plan in place for additional support when necessary. 


  • Access your WordPress files with FTP
  • Installing and configuring WordPress
  • Setting up domains, hosting, and DNS
  • Migrating websites
  • Best practices for site backups 
  • Updating WordPress, Themes, and Plugins
  • Using MX Records to Set up Email 
  • Troubleshooting Techniques
  • Proper Way to Edit WordPress Files 
  • Improving Website Speed and Performance
  • Providing a hosting and maintenance service


About Judi Knight

My background is unusual, in that I was a practicing PhD psychologist, the founder and CEO of a psychiatric software company and have been a serial entrepreneur all of my life. In the mid-2,000s, after selling my software company, I was a bit lost wondering what I was going to next.

I stumbled upon WordPress for one of my projects, and became enthralled with the possibilities this new platform offered to anyone wanting to share their message with the world.  a missionary by nature, I started helping others use all of these new tricks to get their messages out. Eight years ago, my mission turned into a small but mighty team, New Tricks Web Design in Atlanta Georgia.

Deeply connected to the Atlanta WordPress community,  I was a founder of the Atlanta  WordPress Users Meetup Group, with over 3,000 members. I also had the priviledge of working with our Meetup community as an organizer of WordCamp Atlanta for four years.

With a passion for sharing what I've learned, I've sent out a blog post to now over 4,500 WordPress peeps, at the crack of dawn every Wednesday morning for eight years. And, I regularly speak at Meetups, WordCamps and other conferences across the country.

In recent years, I've been dismayed by the numbers of aspiring web designers who are stuck on their path to pro. I realized this was bound to be the case given the lack of a systematic learning path that would provide a foundation across what I saw

were seven core competency areas that are needed to have a successful career in this field. 

That's my Why for developing the WP Web Designer Mastery Course. Although creating a course this thorough was more work than I had imagined, the rewards for me seeing two rounds of students successfully complete the course and fully step into their careers has been enormous.

If you're ready to fast track your path to pro, I hope you join us for this next session.

If you aren’t charging people for the websites you build now, or you're not charging them enough . . .

The WP Web Designer Mastery Course will change all that!

 What’s My Investment to Learn to Design Professional 

Effective, WordPress Websites?

Your investment in your business to take part in this course is $2,500 which is equivalent to the minimum fee you will easily charge during or after the course, for building one client website spending no more than 25 hours of your time.  Of course, you may charge more for your sites, many of our students have doubled their fees, but that’s okay, keep the change:-)

This is not 25 hours looking for the right theme and spinning your wheels in uncertainty. This is 25 hours to consult with the client on their business goals, to conduct a competitive analysis of other sites in their space, to create their messaging and find their perfect hero image. It is building a site that is both attractive and technically sound. It is building a site that will attract the client’s ideal visitors and convert them into customers.

To make it more accessible, we're offering a subscription payment plan of $297 per month for 12 months. That's an extra $500, but sometimes that's better for the budget. If you have good credit. Paypal can help you out with a 6-month no-money-down, interest-free option if you pay the balance by the end of the six month period. With one new site, you will easily take care of your entire tuition.

And wait, there’s one more thing. Here is my guarantee to you.

I want everyone happy with what we are up to. So, if you sign up for this program, and know within 30 days that it's not for you, for any reason what so ever, I will refund 100% of your money. That is just how I work.

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Price, Close, Build and Deliver Effective  WordPress Websites for Happy Clients!

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