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The WordPress Web Designer Mastery Course

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Does this sound like you?

Worked hard on a project but the client is still not happy and, you can’t figure out what to do or how to turn it around.”

Gave the client a price for a project and quickly realize how unrealistic it was since you didn’t know what you didn’t know.”

Added website design to your bag of tricks but realize it took you so long that you made three dollars an hour on the projects you took on.”

Heard WordPress was easy but now you realize it is easy to add content but, it is not easy to design an effective, professional website on time and on budget.”

Created a site or two or three and love it but are frustrated that your ideas outstrip your ability to create the site you’ve designed.”

Have a web design client but the project spirals out of control when the client starts asking for things that you don’t know how to do.”

Know your websites could be so much better and so you’ve been going to WordPress Meetups but its not enough to get you to where you want to be.”

Don’t have colleagues to bounce things off of or learn best practices from.”

You’ve put in all this time but are frustrated that success eludes you. It seems that is is just outside your grasp but you can’t figure out how to get to the next level! You look at what others are able to do and you can’t figure out how they got to the point where they are designing professional looking sites and have a waiting list.

From Naiveté to Euphoria

Understanding the Web Designer Learning Curve

Develop a strong foundation to get the results you want.

I’ve developed an intensive, small group program designed to give you the foundation you need to be able to design professional quality WordPress websites with the goal of having a successful business you love.

You’ll learn skills in seven core areas that will provide you with the competence and confidence you need. Having this information and coaching on your progress will transform your ability to attract clients, charge them going rates and build a website for them that will work to grow their business.

How great would that be? Isn’t it time to do this for yourself?

Technical Expertise

Messaging & Content

During this six month, live and online Website Designer Mastery Course you will be instructed in seven core competencies giving you a a wide foundation in the skills and tools needed to become a competent and confident WordPress Web Designer.

A Systematic Method for Learning to Design Websites that Get Results and Grow a Profitable Business You Love

Teaching & Mentoring

Business and Client Management

Online Marketing

Usability & User Experience

WordPress Customization

Website Design

How is the program structured?

A three-month online program with coaching. You will build a site from scratch or redo your own website using the tools and techniques you will learn in the course.

It’s practical. You’ll learn what I know works from my many years of designing WordPress sites for hundreds of clients. The course is made up of ten modules with 5-10 lessons in each. Each lesson includes a video, audio file, transcripts, and homework worksheets.

It’s thorough. Each week for three months we will offer three group office hours calls. You can attend one, all or none. It is your chance to ask questions and get feedback as you go. We will recorde the sessions for you to see later if you missed them. Over the course of the program, you can schedule two thirty-minute individual appointments to use at any point over the three months to get the coaching you need.

It's flexible. You can complete the course at your own rate. Move ahead to what you need or take your time and cover the content thoroughly, complete the homework and practice what you learn. Whatever works for you.

It’s a community. There will be a private Facebook group  and Slack channel to connect with others. This will offer an opportunity where you can share your work with each other and get feedback. The power of a group program is you’re connecting with other people who are on the same path.

Are you ready to reach your goals and create the professional quality WordPress sites on time and on budget, and have the successful business you’ve dreamed of? I invite you to join me in this exciting group program that will be starting in mid- September 2016.

Get Started On Your Journey to Become a Competent Successful WordPress Designer.

What You’ll Learn in the WordPress Design Mastery Course

The Seven Competencies Framework provides on-going, step-by-step training in the seven essential skill areas needed to design effective professional WordPress websites.

Core Competency: Client & Business Management

You must develop business processes that standardize the ways you work with clients. You need to know what is needed to attract the clients you want to work with and how much money to charge them. Most importantly, you will need to be clear in your communication and let them know what to expect when they are doing a project with you. Otherwise you will cause yourself undue stress reinventing the process each time which wastes time, increase stress, and damages your self-confidence. Disorganization is one of the key frustrations of new WordPress designers. Imagine how less stressful life will be when you’re organized, have processes and procedures in place and know how to create happy, satisfied clients.




-Proposal Development


-Project Management Skills

-Management of Client Expectations

-Business Management


User Experience and Usability

Pro website designers keep up with the latest research on how people use websites, what they like, what they don’t and what works for attaining certain goals. Armed with this data you can develop effective client websites that get results.

Includes Best Practices On:





-Choosing Images

-Sidebars & Footers


-User Testing


Design Skills

Some of you will have more or less experience and ability in this area. If you are weak you can learn some work arounds. Sometimes when you have strong design skills you must learn a whole new design aesthetic for the web.


-Web Specific Design


-Creation of Logos and Graphics

-Color sense

-Use of typography

-Use of white space

-Design of buttons and opt-ins for conversion

-Long form sales pages

-Image selection


Online Marketing Concepts

Effective websites are so much more than a brochure with a blog. Your clients need you to know that they need to capture leads and build simple sales funnels for the site. They need effective calls to action and help with setting up an email marketing providers and connecting it to their site. Your eCommerce clients need you to help them with recovering abandoned carts. You need them to understand the importance of content marketing to SEO.


-Knowledge of online sales methods

-Creation of Lead-Gen Opt-ins

-Planning and Testing Sales Funnel

-Email marketing

-Ecommerce Best Practices

-Content Marketing

-Understand how things such as site speed or free shipping affects results


Messaging and Content

Words are the backbone of an effective website. If you are not a writer that’s ok, but you must know enough about content to be able to hire and supervise a writer to produce or edit client content.


-Home page Hero messaging telling the brand story in a way that resonates with the clients ideal customer.

-Content audits leading to culling, adding or reorganizing content.

-Best practices of information architecture. What should be a page or a post, and how to categorize and display the content to make it most accessible to visitors.

-Understanding the differences in writing for the web than for print.

-Content marketing techniques.

-How to develop Know, Like and Trust on the site with words.



WordPress Skills

There is a real need for website designers who have a foundation across all of these 7 core competencies. Often web developers are so far into the technical aspects of a site that they don’t understand the business and marketing ends of the effective websites. Website designers can use theme frameworks to save time for their clients so they can spend more time on making the sites work to reach their goals.


-Six different types of website designs and when to use each

-Deep learning of the Genesis theme framework

-Using Design Palette Pro, Genesis Extender and Beaver Builder

-Editing CSS using Firebug and FTP programs.

-When to use Pages, Posts and Custom Post-Types

-Ten basic plugins to use on every site

-Plugins for specialized functionality

-Understanding the basic WordPress Files

-Security and Performance Issues

-Troubleshooting Methods


Technical Skills

The more comfortable you are with the technical aspects of the business the more you will be able to trust yourself to build sites, knowing they are solid and safe. You will be able to streamline this area with clients to avoid major problems.


-Installing and Configuring WordPress

-Working with Domains and Hosts

-Canonical URL to improve SEO ranking

-How to Migrate a WP Site

-Backing Up WP Files and Databases

-Setting up email and pointing MX records

-Updating Plugins and WP versions

-Troubleshooting Techniques

-Use of 301 Redirects to the Keep SEO of Old Site

-Know Your Way Around WP Files with FTP

-How to Use a Text Editor to Make Changes to CSS

-How to Optimize Images

-How to Improve Speed and Performance


About Judi Knight

I am a PhD psychologist, was CEO of a medical records software company and am a serial entrepreneur.

I fell in love with WordPress eleven years ago after selling a software company I started. A few years later, I started a small WordPress web design agency in Atlanta, New Tricks.

I helped to grow our Atlanta WordPress community by hosting the WordPress Users Meetup Group, now with over 2,500 people, and organizing WordCamp, Atlanta for five years. I regularly speak at Meetups and WordPress events across the country. And, for the past six years I have written a blog post that I send out to over 3,000 fans each Wednesday morning.

I have a passion for teaching people to use WordPress as designers or as business owners. I realized that, while I love Meetups and WordCamps, some people – in fact most people, need a systematic way to learn all that they need to know if they want to create effective WordPress websites for others. I designed this course because I saw people struggling to achieve the competence with WordPress they wanted and needed.

If you aren’t charging people for the websites you build now, after the WordPress Web Designer Mastery Course you will be.

What’s Your Investment to Learn to Design Professional Quality WordPress Websites?

I have priced this course very reasonably. The websites you will be able to build should go for a minimum of $2,500 each. At the end of this course, you should be spending no more than 25 hours, creating a professional, starting level business website.

This is not 25 hours looking for the right theme and spinning your wheels in uncertainty. This is 25 hours to consult with the client on their business goals, to conduct a competitive analysis of other sites in their space, to create their messaging and find their perfect hero image. It is building a site that is both attractive and technically sound. It is building a site that will attract the client’s ideal customer and convert them into a customer.

The investment you will make to take part in this WordPress Web Designer Mastery Course is $2,499 which is equivalent to the minimum fee you should ask for building one website. Of course you may charge even more for your sites, but that’s okay, keep the change:-)

If it works bettere for you, we are offering a subscription payment plan of $297.00 per month for 12 months. It is 500.00 more but sometimes that works out better for the budget.

And wait, there’s one more thing. Here is my guarantee to you.

I want everyone happy with what we are up to. So, if you sign up for this program, and know within 30 days that it is not for you, for any reason what so ever, I will refund 100% of your money. That is just how I work.

Are you ready to reach your goals and create the professional quality WordPress sites on time and on budget, and have the successful business you’ve dreamed of? I invite you to join me in this exciting group program that will be starting in mid- May 2017.

Get Started On Your Journey to Become a Competent Successful WordPress Designer.