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Learn How To Price, Close, Create, And Deliver Amazing, Effective WordPress Websites For Happy Clients with Judi Knight

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Does This Sound Like You?

  •  You've created a site or two or three and love it but are frustrated that your ideas outstrip your ability to create the site you’ve designed.You 

  • have a web design client but the project spirals out of control when the client starts asking for things that you don’t know how to do.

  • You know your websites could be so much better but going to WordPress Meetups isn't enough to get you to where you want to be.

  • You don’t have colleagues to bounce things off of or learn best practices from.

  • You priced a project and quickly realized how unrealistic it was since you didn’t know what you didn’t know.

  • You’ve put ina lot of time but are frustrated that success is still outside your grasp and you can’t figure out how to get to the next level.

  • You see what others are able to do and you want what they have the ability to design professional looking sites and make a good living at it.

Now there is a way to develop a strong comprehensive foundation in the skills you need to become a

professional website designer.

The WordPress Web Designer Mastery Course, teaches skills in seven core competency areas that will provide you with the comprehensive knowledge you need to have to transform your ability to attract clients, create effective websites at top dollar and  build the business you love.

The Seven Core Competencies of

WordPress WebDesign Mastery

Messaging and Content

Client & Business Management

Technical Skills

Online Marketing Concepts

WordPress Skills

User Experience and Usability

Are you ready to reach your goals and create the professional quality WordPress sites and have the

successful business you’ve dreamed of?

Design Skills

The Course Structure and Content

The course is organized into seven online modules available to you on a private membership course site. Content in the form of  lessions, pdf handouts, videos, transcripts and resources is presented in each of the seven core competency areas for WordPress Mastery.

The course will provide participants help in developing skills with two WordPress theme frameworks so you will never have to search for the perfect theme again. Instead you will know how to customize these two theme frameworks to create the designs you need for each unique website you create.

The content is extremely practical.  I am sharing all of the proposals, contracts, business forms and checklists that we use at New Tricks to manage our business and our website builds. We will  cover strategies for growing a web design business that we have developed over the past ten years designing WordPress sites for hundreds of clients.

Monthly question and answer calls from me, as well as a private Slack Group will provide feedback and support during the course time period.  You’ll get ample opportunities during the calls to ask me questions and get coaching so you can tailor what you learn to work for you.

It’s a community. There is power in a group program where you are  connected with other people on the same path. With skills and strengths in different areas, there will be a great deal of opportunity for collaboration on skill areas you would rather contract out.

I  am a serial entrepreneur with varied businesses under my belt. I am a PhD psychologist, and was CEO of a medical records software company.

Eleven years ago, after selling my software company, I fell in love with WordPress. A few years later, I started a small WordPress web design agency in Atlanta, called New Tricks.

I helped to grow the Atlanta WordPress community by hosting the WordPress Users Meetup Group, now with over 2,500 members. I have also been the lead organizer of WordCamp, Atlanta for many years.

For the past six years I have written a blog post that I send out to over 3,000 fans each Wednesday morning. And, I speak at events across the country on a regular basis.

About Judi Knight

I remember back in 2004,  how hard it was to learn to create WordPress websites. I could make them but customizing them was another matter. When I first started doing creating sites for others, I probably made three dollars and hour.

My history gave me a passion for helping others learn to use WordPress as a profession. I have a special soft spot for graphic designers and others in the process of learning to create professional WordPress websites for clients.

While I love Meetups and WordCamps, and teach at those on a regular basis. Once a month Meetups with presentations on random topics, are just not a good way to learn.

I designed the WordPress Web Designer Mastery Course because I saw people struggling to achieve the competence with WordPress they wanted and needed.

Some people – in fact, most people, need a systematic way to learn all that they need to know in order to create well-built effective WordPress websites for happy clients.

The WordPress Web Design Mastery Course is currently closed.

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