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New Tricks recommends cleaning up your web hosting.I have a very important thing for you to do this week. If you have your own web hosting account, and have additional installations of WordPress on subdirectories on your account, please remember to keep the plugins and versions updated on those other accounts. Or, if you don’t need them any longer, delete them. These additional, often forgotten about sites on your hosting account can be easily hacked and, gaining access to your account through this back door, hackers can then gain access to your main business site despite the fact that you have been diligently updating and upgrading it.

While you are at it, please make sure you have backups of your WordPress site files (your customized theme and plugins) and database (your content). It is important to have more than one way of backing these up as witnessed by what happened to GoDaddy. Last week GoDaddy’s site was hacked and went down and if you didn’t have a back up, or had backed up your site to your GoDaddy hosting account, you could have lost all of your information had they not been able to restore their site.

Here are some options for back up:

  • If you have Bluehost hosting, they have a service called Pro Backup for $12.95 per year. Go ahead and purchase that, even if New Tricks or some other service is backing up your site. It makes it very, very easy to restore your entire site or just a file on your site in minutes, and then you are back in business.
  • In addition to having back up services through your hosting account, you should have an alternative method in case your server goes down. One option is using the premium Word Press plugin Backup Buddy. Their basic plan costs $75 yearly and includes 2 sites.
  • Another popular backup option is VaultPress. Their basic plan costs $180 yearly for 1 site.
  • New Tricks offers a maintence service for $55 a month which includes: site backup, plugins updated, Word Press versions updated, and site inspections.

You have worked hard to get your site where it is today. Look at back up as an insurance policy to protect your online assets. Have more than one way to back up your site in case one way fails. GoDaddy’s crash was a good warning and wakeup call and it’s important that you make sure you have the necessary back up in place today!

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