Why your Website is not Bringing in New Business
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why your website isn't bringing in new businessIn the past few years, advances in website technology have made it easier to create websites. But, it is not so easy to create a company website that can bring in business.

Most business owners don’t have time to become experts in digital marketing. Yet, it is tempting for them to try and save some money by doing it themselves.  Or worse, they turn the design and development of the company website over to their brother-in-law. Consequently, there are a lot of bad websites out there causing companies to lose business.

Some people don’t realize that they can actually get business from their website.  They think of their website as a tool that only gives their company validity when someone looks them up online.

Other people think the reason their phone isn’t ringing is they aren’t getting enough traffic. These people wouldn’t hire an expert to design their website yet they will pay for ads and search engine optimization services from shady offshore companies. Unfortunately, they eventually see that
their expensive website traffic is coming to their site and bouncing right off.

Most people who run successful companies are able to close a deal when they meet with prospective clients. The trick is to determine what it is they are doing and create their website to reflect those same qualities so they can attract and convert business online as easily as they can face to face.

What does that take?

  1. The website design needs to be well done and current.
  1. Make it crystal clear what business you are in, above the fold.
  1. The messaging needs to be targeted to the needs/pain points of the target market.
  1. A site needs to be authentic and stand out from the competition.
  1. Fresh content on the site that shows your company is an authority on the subject.
  1. Understand what prospects need to see in order to go to the next step with a company.
  1. Provide ways to get to know the company better such as blogs, videos or webinars.
  1. Offer small ways of working with your company in addition to offerings taking a big investment/commitment.
  1. Insure that the site can be read on mobile devices.
  1. Provide clear calls to actions for mailing list opt-ins and contact opportunities.

When is the last time you really looked at your website?  You may want to get some feedback from a few of your current clients to see how well they think it does showing someone what it would be like to work with you.

By the time someone gets in touch with you from your website, they should be 70% of the way sold on working with your company.

Wouldn’t it be great to get a message like this, “We need you and want you, desperately and madly . . . if you can start anytime in the next two weeks, that would be great. ”

Believe me, this can happen, but it is really hard to do yourself. You must make an investment in your business and get the job done right.


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