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I have been working hard on getting out my Easy Peasy Email Newsletter Course, which will be released on August 20th. It is daunting how much work is involved in creating a good online product. But I am driven to do this since it is the number one thing people ask me for after designing their websites.

Along these same lines, in a recent post Seth Godin, who wrote the book Permission Marketing, said that wanting something to “go viral” is hot at the moment, but the number of views something gets is not the measurement that really matters. What matters most is getting people to want to hear from you tomorrow.

Seth coined the term, Permission Marketing. When asked “How do I get permission in the first place?”, Seth suggests that you should create content that spreads and as it spreads, don’t try to make a sale, merely work to earn the privilege of a follow up- the opportunity to reconnect over time through e-mail.

During this Pre-launch period, I have been doing some free webinars on using email newsletters to engage with your customers and prospects. I hope you can join me for the last one this Thursday night at 8PM. Please sign up on my website.
And, if you have been thinking your business could benefit by incorporating an email newsletter, please check out the  Pre-launch specials for purchasing the Easy Peasy Email Newsletter Online Course before August 20th.

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