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Personal Meaningful Design Hearing crickets online?

It seems like it should be easy for a website to bring in business. Build it and they will come? But, it doesn’t seem to work that way.  You know from surfing the web, there are a lot of really bad websites out there and the sad news is that each one of them represents many lost opportunities.

One of my favorite things is empowering business people to market and sell online as easily as they can in person. It is my calling because I know that a mediocre website and lack of understanding about online marketing, can break a business. A site might even look good, but if it doesn’t bring home the bacon it is wasting time and losing money. It is especially hard when people get close to the mark but miss it.


It takes personal, meaningful design paired with strong, exact, heartfelt content to:

  • gain immediate know, like & trust
  • show and tell the real value of your work
  • explain exactly who it is that your work is best suited for
  • break down all objections that might stop people from buying from you
  • specify exactly what you do so people can understand that it is exactly what they need
  • make it very clear that working with you has very little risk.

I know from experience, mine and others, how hard it is to do this for your own website. When we are too close, our own stuff gets in the way. You know how it is when you go shopping and come home with three outfits that look exactly like everything else in your closet? I hate that but it’s pretty much inevitable if left to our own input.

Often we need an outside perspective to see our best assets and help to articulate our value in a crisp, tight and compelling manner. Most web and marketing companies aren’t up to it. They mean well, but typically deliver design and content that is safe and expected.

It might look and sound fine, but that is because it looks and sounds like every other business in your field.  Sometimes it the client that resists standing out. What will people think, and all that.

The web is a crowded marketplace and the old “same ole, same ole” can’t do the job. It won’t grab your dream customers’ by the eyeballs, make them do a double take, compel them to read everything you write and sign up for everything you’ve got. Not gonna happen. Crickets.

And, maybe you have reached out for help and find yourself going around in circles, working with designers and developers who don’t get it and don’t get you. Who don’t explain things. Who don’t listen. Who don’t return your calls. Lord.

It shouldn’t be that hard, but unfortunately it is.

It takes psychology, technology and design with a dose of love and pinch of ruthlessness, to help our clients get their online gigs together in a way that cuts through the clutter and gets them noticed. Of course this starts with making sure their online presence design and content is top notch. But that’s just the beginning.

We teach, guide, and often do some cajoling to get our clients and readers to maximize their efforts with various online marketing tools, social media presence, and the precious invitations they get into their reader’s inboxes. We have over five hundreds blog posts with content that comes from our work  over the years helping business owners build great sites and implement after the launch strategies.

We do this because we know it is possible to attract, connect and nurture online relationships in a way that can’t help but lead to sales and a steady stream of referrals. We have done exactly that over the past eight years. And we continue to learn new tricks and try new things that improve our business.

To make these strategies more widely accessible and cost effective, we are currently in the process of pulling all of our information together and developing an online portal of  courses so that this step by step information is organized and available to have at your fingertips.

In the meantime, I am going to suggest something that can help you tune and buff your online efforts so you stand out and get the business you want.

In the meantime, I challenge you to read over your website, thinking about what I have just written. As an experiment, take forty-five minutes and sit down and write out a heartfelt letter very specifically to your best prospective client ever. Don’t drop into jargon and marketing speak. Don’t try and be nice and polite and sugar coat your message. Go ahead and be the poo in the pool. Lay it out there. Tell them the truth about what you see them doing, what you would do instead and why you get different results. Spit out exactly how you can help them with their biggest problems and invite them to take an action now.

Now, go back and reread your website copy. Uh huh . . . What changes can you make to make your site come alive? I’d really love to hear what you have discovered. Speak to me!



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