If WordPress Is So Easy Why Do You Need a Developer
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You've been warnedI just read a question someone tossed out to an online WordPress forum, “WordPress seems to be a simple CMS for everyone. If that were a true fact then why would someone hire a WordPress developer? ”

My answer to this is:

It is really easy to do a WordPress site with themes and plugins. And that is the big problem. That makes it really easy to do a bad WordPress website.

It comes down to lack of training. If someone is not in marketing or web design or that person has no graphic design skills, content marketing knowledge, or understanding SEO then how do they know how to create a site for their business that is going to not only be effective to get visitors but also be effective in converting them into customers?

I have seen some very poorly done sites. Using a theme makes little difference since customizing themes is not easy. It is not easy to set up and design the site, even with a theme, that reflects a brand with the degree of professionalism needed to have a visitor trust the site enough to want to do business with them.

I have seen sites where the owner did not understand the difference between pages and post and so the site might as well have been a static site. How about the sites that have been built with 52 plugins because someone did not know that half of the things they were doing with plugins (for example using a YouTube video up-loader which is completely unnecessary) are included in the standard WordPress, out of the box, installation.

How about someone that builds a WordPress site for their business and then takes down their original html site with all of its Google ranking and page links not knowing they should have used 301 redirects to keep what page rank they had built up.

I could go on. A good deal of our business at New Tricks is from people who tried to do it themselves and got far enough down the road to think better of that idea. Or those who hired a neighbor, or even a developer, who really did not know WordPress, and who created a site for them that is basically unusable.

WordPress is a wonderful tool, and I am always encouraging people to make a site for themselves and blog. But if you are a business owner and need a site that shows your business at its best, stick to your business instead of trying to save some money, and spend your time thinking of your content and marketing messages. Then hire an expert to guide you in how to craft and present that information to get the results you want.

If it is done right, the business website will bring in new customers, and will pay for its development a hundred times over.


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  • Teresa Rosche Ott

    Could not have said it better. People must believe you only advise professional help because that’s what your business is built around. But I can confirm your experience with do-overs. I hate to see people pay twice (or worse, if you include lost business and time) for a site, but like anything else in life you have to just chalk it up to experience and do it right going forward.

    • Judi Knight

      I know it is sad when they have spent so much time and money and got nothing for it but a big headache.

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