WordPress for Beginners Workshop July 25 1-4 PM • New Tricks
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Are You Ready to do WordPress but Want/Need a Kickstart ?

  • You know you need  to do a website – and you heard WordPress was the way to go and that it was oh so easy. But. . .  you haven’t been able to get it together and are now at your wit’s end. Someone Help PLEASE!
  • You want a website that will bring your business to the world. A site that is attractive and captures the attention of your people and turns them into loyal fans.
  • You need a website that you can UPDATE yourself. But. . . it is harder than you thought, and you don’t have the money to shell out on a fancy pants designer – quite yet.
  • You are ready to give it a go but it is harder than you thought to do it right. So you may do it yourself or . . . maybe you just want to learn enough about WordPress to work effectively with a web designer to create your site and then take over maintaining it yourself.


That’s why I created WordPress for Beginners! July 25,  1-4 PM



Sorry that workshop is over but be sure to get on my mailing list to find out about the next one!



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  • Karen

    How do I learn more? Looks like "for more details" is supposed to be a link, but it's not working for me.


    • judi knight

      Thanks Karen, I was just in the process of making the link and got distracted! It is there now.

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