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Just starting out with WordPress? Here is a comprehensive checklist and a few posts that will help you along. And be sure to sign up for my newsletter, the Just a Digital Minute to get additional tips and tricks delivered to you every Wednesday morning.

Download my PDF : New Tricks WordPress Site Build Checklist

I have curated a few posts that will be helpful to beginners:

More posts on WordPress for Beginners.

Recommend Lisa Sabin Wilson’s  WordPress for Dummies Version 4

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  • Gary Montalto

    Judi, the link to your 5th bullet point on this page "Warning, you must backup…" isn't working.

    • judi knight

      Thanks for the heads up Gary. I just fixed that pesky link.

  • Uitlaten Toyota

    Zeer goed artikel. Ik kijk uit naar de volgende. Dank u.

  • mokmaverba

    Very good !!!!!.

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