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WordPress Website Design to Bring in Business

We understand that the success of a business can ride on the effectiveness of the company’s website. We kickoff each website project with a discovery/strategy session to understand your business, vision and goals. Using the information from our discovery session, we’ll create a website designed to connect with your target clients in a way that motivates them to take action

When your site is ready to launch, we train you to use it. In addition, we offer hosting and maintenance services designed to keep your site updated, fast and secure.

We work as a team  and focus our personalized attention on you and your project. Our commitment is to return all calls promptly and deliver our projects, on time and within budget. You can count on us.



This package includes everything you need to build your list and grow your brand. Your website will be designed to attract your target clients and converting them into leads which you can nurture with an email newsletter. We also brand your social media accounts.

Kick Off Discovery Session
Logo Design
Brand Story/Content Strategy & Copywriting
Website Design & Development
Opt-in Offer for Leads
Email Newsletter
Social Media Branding
Website Training



This is the package for you if you are looking for a great-looking website that shows your clients that you understand them and have exactly what they’re looking for. We design the site with images and content, editing copy that you provide so that it moves your visitors to take action to work with you.

Kick Off Discovery Session
Logo Design
Brand Story/Content Strategy
Editing Copy You Provide
Website Design & Development
Website Training



If you are a Young Pup looking for a simple site, or an Old Dog needing a homepage refresh or a theme change, we can work by the hour.  You give us your budget and we’ll show you what we can do for you. We can create nice sites on a budget –  if you’re flexible!

Kick-off Discovery Session
Text Logo or Yours
Website Design & Development
Copy You Provide


Home Page Redesign or Long Form Sales Pages

We are experts in redesigning HOME pages or creating long form sales pages that will work to attract and convert your visitors into sales. If your website is in good technical shape but is not doing its job, we will do a Brand Story analysis and create a new HOME page design that addresses your ideal client’s problems while laying out the content and images in a way that tells the story and shows them how you are the best choice to help resolve them. This service is provided on an hourly or project basis.

Getting Started with a Website Design

If you are interested in working with New Tricks on your WordPress website design project,  we’d be happy to hop on a ten-minute call where we can chat and check out whether we are a good fit or not.  If you think you’d like to work with us we start every project with a paid consultation called a Talk it Out Session.

This is a one-hour consultation on the goals of your company, your current digital footprint and our ideas on what you need to do to meet your goals. We will know at the end of this session if we are the right choice for your project and which package is right for you.

Ready to Get a Quote? Get In Touch to Schedule a Talk It Out Session Below.