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Perfectionsim and ProcrastinationLest you think that you are a loser for not doing everything you can for your business or even for not doing what you know you should for your business, let me set you straight. Most everyone goes through this. Well maybe there are a few people who aren’t like that, but then I want to stick them in the eye with a sharp stick. No, not really, but you know what I mean….

It happens to all of us. I remember when I was “planning” to do a “Big Dog Blogging Series”. Notice I used the word planning. That wasn’t the right word. I wanted to do the project but it was more that I was planning to plan, and I put it off and fiddled around for months before I actually finally went ahead and did it. Guess what? It was easy, fun, and I got a lot of new subscribers to my mailing list. I couldn’t believe that I wasted so much time worrying about not doing that blog series for as long as I did.

Why do we do this? For me, and probably for most of us, it happens when I wander into the intersection of Procrastination and Perfectionism and spin around there. You know the drill, you worry about doing whatever it is and that you don’t quite know how to do whatever it is, and then time goes by and you have a new worry which is that you are not doing whatever the thing is that you know you “should” be doing. It is the perfect recipe for putting off what is important to us.

As a website designer and business consultant with a PhD in psychology, I can see when my clients are stuck, and can give them a helping hand to get on with it. But I too can get caught in this cycle. The current thing I am “working” on is my content marketing course. I know the topics and the information on each topic inside and out, but now I have been going over all of the different ways I could present the material.

At this point, I have decided to do Google Hangout on Air. This will allow me to have people join in from far and wide, and while only up to nine others can be on the screen with me, everyone else can watch the live stream and interact with the chat function. It is absolutely great technology. It even lets you wear a little crown or cat whiskers while you are presenting, (I think I will pass on those for now) but there are a million little parts and pieces and oh shit what if I can’t do it right?

See how that goes? I felt the same way when I did my first webinar. I was so nervous. I had about 75 people on the call and after my introduction there was a lot of noise with people’s kids whooping it up in the background or someone paying the pizza delivery guy. Once I had that handled, I told everyone I was going to mute people until it was time to take questions. I then launched into the material when, several minutes into my spiel, I started getting texts and emails from friends on the call (you know who you are) that no one could hear me. I had muted myself. I had actually logged in with the participant code rather than the host code, so when I muted them, I also muted myself.

I quickly hung up as a participant and logged back in, this time as the host. When I got back on the call, I started laughing at myself, which broke the ice, and actually made the whole thing go very well. I figured that it could only go up from there.

This week Chris Guillebeau opened a post he wrote on insecurity with this quote,

“When I wake up in the morning, I feel like any other insecure 24-year-old girl. Then I say, ‘Bitch, you get up and walk the walk today.'” – Lady Gaga.

So when I get stuck at the intersection of Procrastination and Perfectionism I am going to remember those words and say “Bitch, You get up and walk the walk today.

I’d love to hear what your planning this year to help your business soar.


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  • Ivy

    Wow! Thank you for this post! It does hit home…uh, way home. Nice to know that I'm not alone in feeling scared, or imperfect or confused in my attempt to be perfect (aka ""great"). I guess that's what also fuels us to keep pushing forward and doing the work and learning what we need to learn. So you ask what is going to make my business soar. I think it's going to be able to affect change for my clients. I LOVE it. I love when my clients win and are happy…and I LOVE when it's my ideas or effort that helped get them there. My goal is more of that.
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  • Jim Madaffer

    Very inspiring post Judi! I wonder if you knew me before and wrote specifically for me! I am sure there would be many who would give you the same reaction. Most of us never dare to go beyond the "planning stage" to head towards that 'big goal'.

    Since past many years, I have learn to overcome this stage of inertia with a simple sentence ,'Just do it'. But I must concede yours is lot better, just need to change the gender for my case, lol!
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    • judi knight

      Gotta give credit to Lady Gaga. She has it going on and even she needs to give herself the pep talk!

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