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happy excited dogI am so excited!  Let me tell you. Two weeks ago, I proclaimed in this newsletter that I had been being a nincumpoop, procrastinating about working on some training products and webinars that people have been asking me for. I had an Ah Ha moment while I was writing a post listing reasons that people weren’t writing blog posts for their websites that the excuses were the same that I had been giving myself for putting off developing my online training products.

I Got it. Mea Culpe. That weekend, I got busy.

One thing that gave me a huge boost was discovering a way to export all of my blog posts and open them in a Word Doc! It came to over 300 pages. It is a WordPress plugin called Anthologize and I wrote a whole post about this secret weapon.

I also went through my files and gathered documents I created for a marketing class I taught that have been sitting there waiting for me to use them in the training products I never got around to. So, I added those to my master document and then organized everthing into categories. That gave me a very encouraging start.

Last weekend, I got back to it. I looked over all of the possible topics and chose one to start with that is a stumbling block for most people. I did get out for some walks and a couple of parties, but the rest of the time, I was in my office writing and making videos. I completed the first draft and although I’m not going to tell you what it is quite yet, I wanted to tell you that after all this time, I actually did it.

You all really do inspire me and I appreciate it. I hope my progress on my training product,  inspires you to take the next step you have been avoiding that you know would move your business along.

What have you been putting off and what is the first next step you can take?

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