How to add an image to your Gmail signature

gmail_logo_nobeta_highresGmail is a great app but until recently it was difficult to add a graphic image to your email signature line. I have updated this post to reflect Google’s added functionality.

  1. Sign in to your Gmail account.
  1. In the upper right hand corner, next to your e-mail address, there is an image of a gear. Click on the gear and choose “Mail Settings” from the drop-down box.
  1. You will see the  “General” Settings page, and two thirds of the way down the page is “Signature”.
  1. Under the option of  “No Signature”, you will see a drop down showing all of the e-mail addresses you have set up to come into your Gmail account. You can create a separate signature for each of these addresses. But for this purpose lets stick to one.
  1. Select the e-mail address and there will be a WYSIWYG ( What You See Is What You Get) edit box. You can simply write the signature as you wish it to appear in the box. You can also include hyperlinks to your website or social media accounts. ( highlight the words to be linked and then click the chain link to bring up the box to type in the URL,  starting with http:// , of where you want the link to take you. And it is done)
  1. To add an image you will see a little photo icon. Select that and a box comes down asking you for the Internet address of the image that you want to insert. That may be a problem for some of you who don’t have your images online anywhere.
  1. There are several ways to get one online. a) You can upload one to your WordPress website and copy the link url from the image uploader area. It is right above the image alignment choices. b) you can use Flickr or Picasso to upload an image and then copy the url of that image when you have the image view open in the program.

These are the  previous instructions as to how we suggested you do this before Google added the ability to have html and images in their e-mails:

If you don’t have a photo already uploaded somewhere online you can use Blank Canvas to add a graphic to your Gmail signature.  Blank Canvas to the rescue. Blank Canvas has a Firefox extension that makes it super duper easy to add graphics to your gmail signature line.

Here’s how:

  • Install the Blank Canvas add on
  • Follow the prompt to restart Firefox
  • From Gmail, compose an email
  • Select the new button,‘Create Signature’ which now appears beside the ‘From:’ fieldcreate-signature
  • At this point, you’ll need an html editor.  Since I use WordPress, I simply created a dummy post in WordPress, then copied the html code from WordPress into gmail. You can also use an online html editor like Red Peach Designs or Real Graphics to generate your html.
  • Paste the html into the ‘Signature Html Code:’ block


  • Save

There is a slight problem that may drive you crazy because you may think it is not working. If multiple tabs are open, the signature will not be automatically inserted until you switch to another tab and back to Gmail. And at first I did not think Blank Canvas was working because I did not get the icons to the right of the from button. But I went out and back in and there they were. At New Tricks we think adding a signature to your e-mail is essential for social marketing and now ‘Voilà – you’ve learned a New Trick. So go try it.

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  1. Chad says

    Ok, I have no experience writing html, and your help section seems good, but I still can't get it to work. I have a business card that I have on my facebook page. I used that link within the code dohickeys you showed in your example, but it still doesn't work.

    This is what I am trying to get my signature to look like:

    Chad Diller


    Can you help me? My image is found here:


  2. Mariel Potter says

    I use Internet Explorer instead of Firefox so how might I be able to add images to e-mails?

  3. Rick says

    Not everyone has the option to use FireFox. In our State the site that manages all Real Estate information requires that users use the MS IE browser (and not version 8.0). The website is coded that way. So every realtor in our state has to be married to Microsoft Internet Explorer if they want access to all the information and features provided. No Choice! I prefer Google Chrome which I think is a better browser that either IE or FireFox.

  4. Paymon says

    Great add-on but it has a problem. If multiple tabs are open, signature will not be automatically inserted until you switch to another tab and back to Gmail.

  5. Liam says

    I've been looking everywhere for something like this so thanks a million!

    I was wondering though, do you know if there's a way to get the image to attach to the default signature? In other words, to have it appear each time you compopse a message, rather than having to insert it each time?


  6. tomhodgins says

    I think you meant 'Voilà at the end.

    The difference is 'Voilà' means 'see there', where Wallah means 'I swear to God' in arabic.

    slight difference (and arguably both work in this case) – just thought I'd clarify

  7. Sarah says

    hi there. I succeeded in adding the image to our signature, but there is a purple frame around it. How do I get that off? It was not part of the original photo that I uploaded.

  8. says

    Very helpful post on adding picture to Gmail signature.

    Please add a section on how to put picture to the right of the text, pehaps by using HTML code for a table (one row with two columns).

  9. Amber says

    It seems as though gmail is now allowing one to upload an image as part of one's signature (provided that the image is hosted somewhere). I was able to create a "business card" graphic myself and put the link to the image in my signature.

  10. Katy says

    This has been sooo helpful thank you. I almost gave up on using gmail because I didnt think I can do a graphic signiture. This has really solved it.
    PS you can also do this for Chrome, and I didnt have any issues with the glitches you mention

  11. ptnguyen111 says

    Thank you very much for your post. I will try it.

    Is the signature be permanent or i have to create it every time composing a message?

  12. doug says

    I dont use any browser than chrome – if this is a firefox app or ad on – what do I do? I don't want fire fox or IE on my machine but I do want to be able to put my business face book badge as part of my signature in gmail.
    Pls help

  13. says

    I've been using Gmail for a long time now and actually didn't know they had this option. I'll think of something useful to add to my signature. Thanks.

  14. Den says

    Here is another way to do this (working in all browser)

    1. Upload your image to Picasa.
    2. Make the album which is holding the image Public.
    3. Right click on the image and save its URL.
    4. Go to the Gmail Settings > Signature > Click on Add Image button and paste the image URL ( If everything is OK you will see your image ).
    5. Now go back to Picasa and change the Album share options back to private or whatever you want.


    • robert says

      not working. I got the URL from Picasa and when I paste it into signature, nothing happens

      • CHEC M8 says

        When you copy the URL from Picasa you have to select the pic icon box. When the pic icon box pops up, paste the url from picasa into the space provided. When this stage is complete, select the link icon and paste the hyperlink into this field.; Leave all of the other fields blank. Once saved, go to compose a test email to self, open the mail and select an icon and it WILL direct you to the hyperlink address..

        Hope this was helpful

    • says

      I too struggled with this method. The image is fairly small yet never appeared in the signature box after I clicked Add Image. This is getting frustrating, as I've tried several methods to do something which in the scheme of things should be very simple. Any Plan B suggestions that are easy to follow?

      • CHEC M8 says

        Hey Mikey, Try following the above instructions. They do work….BTW. If you go to Google images, on the left of the page is an option for you to search a pic, logo, icon per size. I selected my pixel sizes at 40×40. Once you save these upload to your picasa. Right click and select image info. Your pic will already be highlighted…What you will want to do is look for Location which is under that and copy and paste this URL into the signature picture box.

  15. Den says

    Here is another way to do this (working in all browser)

    1. Upload your image to Picasa.
    2. Make the album which is holding the image Public.
    3. Right click on the image and save its URL.
    4. Go to the Gmail Settings > Signature > Click on Add Image button and paste the image URL ( If everything is OK you will see your image ).
    5. Now go back to Picasa and change the Album share options back to private or whatever you want.


  16. Pat says


    I have used Black Canvas to create an awesome image signature for my Gmail accounts.

    Thanks for the tip! 😉


  17. George says

    In Gmail's settings, there's an option (in the editor) with an image of a turquoise square – that should bring up a pop up for you to attach an image to the signature. Do you see that option present?

    I would have attached a screenshot but I'm at work, and it'll get a bit too cumbersome.

    It looks something like the image below (not sure if it'll show up though)


  18. says

    Google now allows you to add an image to their signature but you have to have a url for the photo you want to use. Which means it has to be already uploaded somewhere on the Internet. Den has some instructions above for getting your photo from Picasa.
    My recent post 30 WordPress Plugins You Can Count On

  19. glenn says

    in creating my signature, it was easy to get the image to appear in my outgoing emails……HOWEVER….I should be able to link this image to a website………..This is not easy………….any ideas???

    Separate question.

    How will I know if this question gets answered? Do I have to keep coming back here to check??? or will it be email to me ???? Thanks

  20. says

    With havin so much content do you ever run into any problems of plagorism or copyright infringement?

    My blog has a lot of unique content I’ve either authored myself or outsourced but it appears a lot of it is popping it up all over the internet without my permission. Do you know any solutions to help protect against content from being stolen? I’d genuinely appreciate it.

  21. lluvi says

    Can you make the image clickable? I am uploading a Facebook icon and would like to redirect people to our org's Facebook page…

  22. Chantelle says

    Hi Judi

    Do you know how to increase the size of a jpeg inserted into a gmail signature?

    My jpeg signature is displaying itself too small, both when I try to set it up in gmail settings and when I try composing an email. Optimally, I would like to match the size of some of the text within the jpeg as closely as possible with that of the emails that I write. In gmail signature settings I have unsuccessfully tried:

    a) size option ‘large’ (jpeg displays too small)
    b) size option ‘large’ after rescaling the jpeg image onto a larger canvas size in photoshop (the result is still too small, actually appears the same size that it did when I tried a)
    c) size option ‘original size’ (jpeg displays far too big)
    d) size option ‘original size’ after rescaling the jpeg image much smaller in photoshop (the result is still far too big, actually appears the same size that it did when I tried c)

    I haven’t been able to find any existing troubleshooting advice for this particular issue on the internet. Do you have any ideas of where I can go from here?