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Effective Websites Require 6 Key Ingredients

Website Strategy

Building a website that delivers results is a collaborative process that begins with taking a deep dive into your business.

During our first phase of work, we will connect with your team to understand the results you want to achieve. We will listen to you describe the audiences you want to reach and discuss their unique needs and challenges. We’ll document the factors that set your business apart from competitors. The information we gather in this phase will ensure that your new site acknowledges customer problems, conveys the unique value your organization delivers, and guides visitors to take the actions you want them to take.

Website Design

Your logo, colors, fonts, and photos all send messages to potential clients, customers, donors, and investors about the spirit of your business. Whether we’re working with an existing company style or developing one from scratch, we’ll make sure your brand’s style elements resonate with the unique profile of your audience.

 Additionally, your new web design will be mobile responsive, designed to look good and function properly on the most widely used desktops, tablets, and phones.

Messaging & Content

It’s difficult for people within your organization to put themselves in the shoes of a new customer who may have no prior knowledge of your product or service, but that is exactly what your website needs to do. Our website copywriter will challenge you with questions to understand your customers’ problems and articulate the unique way in which your business solves them. Potential customers will want to work with you when they see that you understand their needs

Since you have mere seconds to make an impact, each page of your site will include carefully chosen words presented in bold headlines and short paragraphs visitors can scan and process quickly. Action-oriented messaging will address readers’ needs and drive them to take the next step – whether that is contacting you, applying for a job, scheduling an appointment, or purchasing a product.

Powerful Technology

New Tricks Web Design uses WordPress and Shopify to build results-driven websites for our clients. WordPress powers 39 percent of all the websites in the world. Shopify is a robust e-commerce platform that offers all of the features a company selling products online could want. 

Similar to the software updates on your cell phone, both platforms are constantly adding new functionality and security features to deliver a best-in-class experience. Following the launch of your new site, the user-friendly interfaces make it easy for you to update text content yourself if you so desire.

User Experience

Having a distinctive and visually impressive website is important, but to get the job done, a website must also be intuitive and easy to use. We’ll create a clear navigational structure accessible from all pages. Users will always know where they are and understand how to access the next level of information. 

Prior to launching your site, we’ll proofread content, test functionality, and complete our 60-point web design launch checklist to ensure your site is ready to deliver an optimal user experience. All of our work is grounded in the latest research on the ways people use websites, user preferences, and web design approaches that are proven to work.  

Hosting & Support

Websites requires regular attention and care to thrive. In addition to making content updates as your business evolves, it’s critical to maintain the software that runs your site to keep your site secure, functioning properly, and loading quickly. Our hosting and maintenance packages do just that. 

Each package includes fast, secure hosting; technical support; daily site backups; 24/7 malware scanning; software updates; SEO keyword tracking; and monthly reports.

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