Where to Find Blog Post Images

A good image will draw people in to read your blog posts, making them more engaging. On the other hand, imagine going to a blog page with ten post excerpts and seeing a wall of words, broken up [...]


What is your secret sauce to growing a following to build your business?

If you have a small business, blogging can mean the difference between wild success and hearing crickets. When you send a blog post and share it on social media, your website traffic will spike. [...]


17 Basic Tips to Help You (Jump Off the Log and) Blog

Oh, the stories I just knew my longtime friend Robyn could tell. She owns Bicycle Tours of Atlanta, and you can imagine she sees all sorts of interesting things while out and about on her tours. [...]


Blog Post Ideas for When the Creative Well is Dry

The most common reasons that people don’t blog (so they tell me) is that a) they don’t know how to write, and b) they don’t know what to write. I have lots of ideas of how you can solve the [...]


Curing Dull Writing Syndrome

One of the things I love about the Internet is that it has democratized publishing. We all can have a voice and can share information online without having it dictated, approved or edited by [...]


The Importance of Great Website Images and Where to Find Them

I was on Telegraph Avenue walking home from class in Berkeley when I first saw him with his shoulder length straight dark hair and black hat. I can’t remember what we connected about, but [...]


Is Blogging Part of Your Encore Performance?

A lot of people I know end a full and oft times brilliant career and are not ready to stop working. They are ready to do the work they want to do on their own terms— which means starting out on [...]


Is It Worth Doing Blog Posts and Newsletters?

At the end of my first year in business, I had 33 people on my email list. I had a sign-up form on my website, but in that year I never sent out even one newsletter. Sound familiar? I knew that [...]


How to Write B2B Content People Will Want to Read

A loyal Just a Digital Minute subscriber contacted me seeking ammunition for a polite debate with one of his clients. The client questioned the need for blogging and posting on social media for [...]


What to do about Copyrighting your Copywriting

This week after I wrote about content mistakes on websites, Karen wrote me from Great Blue Pools  with a question. She asked: …..  if I put all my content on the blog vs a pdf page, how can [...]

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