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Did you take the photo or create the graphic?


The difference between plagiarism and copyright infringement.


Attribution isn’t absolution.




Ask Permission





What’s the responsibility and liability of a Website Designer for images on a client’s site?




As a web designer, how does the license of stock images work with client sites?





Bottom Line: You should always check the licensing rules of the stock agencies you use and make sure your clients understand the license as well so they don’t use an image from their website design on other collateral materials without getting their own license or having you create it for them. 


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  • Sandy Lomas

    Hi, Judi! Thanks for the article and hoping you can answer my question. Say you find an image on a website that has social media share buttons. They want you to share, and when you do, it links back to their site. But what if you don’t want to share immediately from their site? What if you would like to share it at a particular time as a scheduled post in Hootsuite? Can you save the image and use it your scheduled social media post as long as you include the link back to their site?

    • Judi Knight

      Sandy, I’m sorry I missed your question. I don’t think anyone would mind you sharing their post. But I wouldn’t upload the image. Say something about why you liked the post and give a link to it. J

  • Emily Brown

    Thank you for the article. Great blog that I enjoyed reading.

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