Diagnose WordPress Issues with the Theme Check Plugin

Have you noticed that your website is suffering from slow load times or other usability issues? This can negatively impact your business, so it’s crucial to address these problems promptly. In many cases, the root cause lies within your WordPress theme. To help you better understand potential issues, let’s dive into the world of themes and discuss how to troubleshoot and resolve common problems using the Theme Check plugin.

TLDR: Site speed and other website performance issues could indicate a problem with your WordPress website theme. The Theme Check plugin scans your site for errors and vulnerabilities. Download and run a Theme Check scan yourself or contact us for a FREE theme check and report.

What is a Theme and How Does It Impact Your Site?

A theme is essentially the backbone of your website’s appearance and functionality. After installing WordPress, you or your designer will choose a theme to give your website, its pages, and posts a distinct look and feel. While themes offer some customization options, WordPress page builder software used in conjunction with a theme now allows us to create fully customized websites without any coding.

With over 9,000 free themes in the official WordPress repository, selecting the perfect one can be daunting. Since anyone can create a theme, it’s essential to choose wisely. Here at New Tricks, we currently build our WordPress websites using Hello Theme and Elementor Page Builder, which are reliable and used on more than four million websites.


A Real-Life Example: Identifying and Fixing Theme Issues

Recently, one of our clients contacted us with performance issues on a website we didn’t build. After investigating, we discovered that an outdated theme with coding errors and vulnerabilities was causing slow load times and leaving the site prone to hacking attempts.

To verify our findings, we used the Theme Check plugin to scan the website’s current theme. As suspected, the scan revealed numerous errors and vulnerabilities. We swiftly replaced the problematic theme with Hello Theme, which adheres to WordPress standards, and the site’s performance and security dramatically improved.

Why the Theme Check Plugin Matters

The free Theme Check plugin is an invaluable tool for scanning your WordPress theme for common coding errors and best practices. This helps diagnose issues that could lead to poor performance or leave your site vulnerable to hacking attempts. The plugin also ensures compatibility with the latest version of WordPress and scans your theme for accessibility issues, helping you create a more user-friendly website for people with disabilities.

How to Use the Theme Check Plugin

Getting started with the Theme Check plugin is simple:

  1. Install and activate it from the WordPress repository.
  2. Find the new “Theme Check” menu item in your WordPress dashboard.
  3. Test your installed themes for errors and best practices with just a few clicks.

Remember to use the latest version of the plugin, customize its filters, and read the documentation to maximize its capabilities. If you encounter any bugs, be sure to report them.

How to Choose a Theme

When choosing a theme, prioritize comprehensive documentation, support forums, and responsive customer support. This ensures that you will receive prompt assistance and answers to your questions. 


The Theme Check plugin is a powerful tool for diagnosing performance issues in your current theme, but it shouldn’t be your only consideration when selecting a new theme. Opt for a tried-and-true theme from a reputable company, like the Hello Theme and Elementor Page Builder, to create a website that stands out from the crowd.


Want Help Checking your Theme for Free?

We’re offering a FREE Theme Check service during which we’ll install the plugin, run a scan, and send you a report detailing any errors and their implications. If you’re interested, just reach out!

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