Successful Launch of a Website Into the Stratosphere

This morning we launched a website that my team has been working on for over a year.  The company is The Old Mill, located on the banks of the Pigeon River in Tennessee. The heart of this authentic Southern destination is their 200-year old grist mill which they still use today for the stone ground grains for which they are known.

In addition to the mill, the property includes two cherished restaurants and six shops that include a general store, a pottery studio/shop, and a distillery.  The Old Mill also has an online store with over 750 products!

We are very excited that we were able to help them birth this new baby. We built the landing pages for their brick and mortar restaurants and shops using WordPress and the Elementor page builder. Elementor gives our clients the ability to make changes to their websites as often as they need to.

We built the online store using Shopify for a couple of reasons. First, we like Shopify’s clean, easy to use interface. Second, we like the fact that Shopify hosts and maintains the eCommerce site. The Shopify site a sub-domain of the WordPress site and the two sites use the same design and have matching menus which make for a seamless experience for visitors.

Someone asked me recently what are my favorite web design projects. That’s easy.

I love helping clients who are working hard in their business but have an ineffective website, that’s hurting their opportunity for growth. I like to say, “If a company can sell in real-life, our job as web designers is to bottle what it is they say and do and express that essence on their websites. When we do this right, the new site will catapult their success beyond their expectations.

The Old Mill is that kind of business. They are and have been a pillar in the Pigeon Forge community. They stay busy year round, but during the warmer seasons, they host around 3,000 visitors a day! I’m quite sure that this new website will help them see their online visits and sales become just as dramatic.

Take a look at the transformation.

The images below are The Old Mill’s previous home page and an example of one of their shop pages:




This next pair of pages show the new home and shop pages.




From all of us at New Tricks Web Design Atlanta, congratulations to the entire team at The Old Mill. It’s been a privilege to help you birth this baby!

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