PIVI – The Partnership for International Vaccine Initiatives

The Client

PIVI (The Partnership for International Vaccine Initiatives) is a program of The Task Force for Global Health that works with 20+ low and middle-income countries to strengthen their ability to reliably and quickly deliver respiratory virus vaccines.

The Situation

We first worked with PIVI to strategize and rebuild their website in 2017. The project was a great success and helped the program report on their successes around the globe and recruit new opportunities for involvement and donations. We hosted, maintained and supported the website for six years when they decided it was time to restructure and update their website’s design.

Web Design Showcase Laptop Frame

The Solution

New Tricks was brought in to strategize and help facilitate a reorganization of PIVI’s website content. We redesigned their site from the ground up keeping their main brand color but adding a new modern color palette, font selection and page layouts. 

The Result

PIVI’s new website is an attractive, modern, easy to navigate culmination of their life-saving work around the world. It quickly illustrates to users what they do, displays their successes and credits their many partners. We are proud of the result. Take a look for yourself.