The Client

TVS Design, is an architectural and design firm, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia known for its high-visibility projects all around the globe.

The Situation

In 2019, with the approach of their Fifty Year Anniversary, tvs design embarked on a modernization of their digital footprint. Organizations like tvs design with world class reputations don’t need to rely on their websites for bringing in business. But deserved to have their online real estate be as grand and impressive as the projects they design and build.
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TVS Web Design
Real Estate Web Design
Real Estate Web Design
Real Estate Web Design
Real Estate Web Design

The Solution

New Tricks was brought in to provide guidance to the marketing department on the latest innovations and user-experience for creating modern websites. We collaborated with the marketing team where they collected the copy and images and New Tricks designed and built the site. One area of functionality we worked out was to create a dynamic relationship between the various team members and each employee’s projects and blog posts would be displayed on the employee’s page.

The Result

The tvs website shows this organization’s history and current work and commensurate with the magnitude of their reputation. They are proud of their fifty-year history and the new website demonstrates that they are going strong into their future.